Alumni and Support

As an organization, BSLI acknowledges the great people, engineers, and leaders that have made this team what it is today. We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants and want to open as many avenues as possible to keep communication and collaboration open with those members of BSLI past.

Additionally, if the Buckeye Space Launch Initiative wasn’t around when you attended The Ohio State University and even if you don’t have ties to our team’s past or OSU, but are simply just inspired by our mission, we still would love to connect with you and are grateful for your support!

As an Alumni or Supporter of BSLI, we invite you to sign up for our Alumni and Supporter Club using the link below!

Support can look like anything – from a monetary donation to our organization for important materials or travel expenses, to any type of mentorship or knowledge about the fields of engineering and rocketry. We welcome you to join us on our mission and we are excited to shoot for the stars with you. Ad Caelum.

The 2016 BSLI Team prepares to launch their rocket at one of our organization’s first attendances at a collegiate rocketry competition.