Pre-flight Checklist: A BSLI Podcast

Episode 6: Becoming a Great Leader

In this week’s episode on the BSLI podcast we delve into what makes a great leader for an organization. To help drive deeper into this topic we will have Dr.Horack share his insight on what leadership is like and to give a perspective on what BSLI leadership is like we have Former President Harrison Kearby. … Continue reading "Episode 6: Becoming a Great Leader"

Episode 5: This is the podcast you aren’t looking for (Star Wars)

In the week’s episode of the podcast we celebrate Star Wars week. To help celebrate this week we have Luke Walkush and Jacob Eisen talking about there favorite Star Wars movies and memories. Tune in and find out what some of there favorite moments are.

Episode 4: Understanding the Importance of Culture

In this week’s episode The Preflight-Check list will look at how to maintain and keep a positive culture. We will break down and give tips on how to do it. On this episode we will have Dr.Newton, Spaceport Project Manager (2019-2020) Anu Timple, BSLI Commination Chair Lauren Klenk, and recent elected President Joe Yanoska. Come join us on this … Continue reading "Episode 4: Understanding the Importance of Culture"

Episode 3: The Complete, Unabridged, but Edited History of Bee Facts – The Rise and Fall of an Empire and other BSLI stories

Come take a flight down memory lane as some of our current members recount old stories from their competition trips. Also featuring the complete history of Plan Bee, the Bee Facts channel, and other bee related hijinks. Parental Guidance recommended.

Episode 2: Turbulence

In this week’s episode of the Pre-Flight Checklist, we get a glimpse into the rough classes and project team struggles faced by some of our senior members over the years. Current BSLI president Harrison Kearby and president-elect Joe Yanoska join Trevor virtually to share some of the insight and wisdom they’ve learned throughout their time at Ohio State.

Episode 1: The Early Days of BSLI

In this debut episode of the BSLI Podcast Series, we take a look back at how the team has evolved over the years, and what things were like back in the early days of the Buckeye Space Launch Initiative. Guest star Howie Schulman, a BSLI alum, takes us back to the days of building in … Continue reading "Episode 1: The Early Days of BSLI"