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Made In Space
Develop state-of-the-art space manufacturing technology to support exploration, national security, and sustainable space settlement.

Pioneer sustainable space infrastructure to support our customers’ missions, promote national security and drive exploration objectives through advanced space manufacturing.

Impact on BSLI:
Made in Space has been a major supporter of BSLI ever since coming on board as a sponsor. From providing multiple 3D printers for the project team's to providing internship and research opportunities for the students, MIS has been a vital partner of BSLI.

Our Teams


The NASA Student Launch is a national University-level competition held in Huntsville, Alabama at NASA Marshall. The rockets are payload driven, and fly to an altitude of ~5,000 ft. Payloads are research based, and used to support
NASA'S Space Launch System. More information about this competition will come out as NASA makes it available.



Our 30k project team aims every year to design and build an SRAD solid motor rocket designed to reach an apogee of 30,000 ft. Our team competes every year in the international Spaceport America Cup competition hosted in Spaceport America, New Mexico. We strive to test the boundaries of engineering at the undergraduate level while also educating members on a wide variety of topics ranging from CFD modeling to composite manufacturing techniques.


Following the success of BSLI’s competition teams, BSLI hopes to one day send one of our rockets to the edge of space, officially known as the Karman Line, at 100,000 m. In order to reach such an altitude, the rocket would need a liquid engine, which offers much more efficiency than the solid motors used on the competition teams. To accomplish this the liquid team was created in order to lead the design and construction of a liquid rocket engine in hopes of one day flying it one of our rockets.